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Bread Sourdough

BREAD LESSON #01 Basic Sourdough 3 Hours $115

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Join us in our fab loft in the heart of downtown Vancouver, BC and spend 3 hours building enough skill to start making your own Artisan Sourdough Bread at home.  You don't need anything, no previous skills, just a burning desire to make your own sourdough, we will provide the rest and get you on your way.

Our method, brought together by researching various published contemporary and historic breadmaking methods, typically has a 24 hour cycle.  That means we start our bread on Friday evening and have fresh bread to eat on Saturday early evening.  We specifically built this method around our busy lives, so that we can have the best bread possible and not be too tied down to our kitchens. 

It's not super simple, but neither is it super difficult.  The lesson is totally hands on.  As with everything Palmer And Sons we don't use machines.  The lesson has no more than 12 students and is typically run in a 2 student buddy system, so bring a friend or we will build teams on the day!

What do You Need?

Not much, just a watertight medium sized glass jar or 500ml mason jar . Just remember it's food, so super clean hands, tied back hair, or a baseball cap, and please don't show if you are at all ill.  Get ready to soak up a ton of info, though everything is covered in handouts too.

What Will I Get?

A lot of knowledge and confidence.  An understanding of breadmaking the sourdough way, and of dutch oven use.  A chunk of a fresh sourdough.  Your own loaf of sourdough to take home and bake. A ready to use sourdough levain culture with in depth instructions on how to keep it alive.

Who Will Teach Me?

Either myself, with over 12 years experience as a chef,  or a local professional baker and total foodie with 10 years experience at a local businesses.  Most importantly we love bread.

Lesson #01 Structure

Hour 1 Understand what makes a sourdough, the levain culture, storing, refreshing, and using your culture.  

Hour 2 Working through the various stages of weighing the ingredients, mixing your dough by hand, and  fermentation.

Hour 3 Shaping loaves, and baking the bread using dutch ovens

NOTE.. If dates end up with less than 5 students 48 hrs before class then we reserve the right to cancel that class. 

Sorry . .. We Don't take inquiries or bookings over the phone please email if you need more info


Terms & Conditions

All our classes are only available to those people 16 years old and above.
We do not teach people with severe allergies to any food product.
No-Show. If you do not show for a class then there will be no refund
All vouchers are redeemed upon booking
All expired vouchers are redeemed, the holder can use the value of the voucher against future classes
Cancellation of parties of 3 or more must cancel at least 4 days prior to lesson
Cancellation Within 48 hours of lesson: Can rebook with a $20 surcharge
Self cancellation Prior to 48 Hours before lesson: Can self rebook with no charge 
Minimum 5 people per class
Supplies and Equipment provided excepting jars, bags, socks etc
GST Tax is not include for Groupon, TravelZoo, and Living Social Vouchers (tax will be calculated on discounted price at the lesson)
We reserve the right to refuse to teach students who are in any way abusive to ourselves or our staff