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Unit 502, 857 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC

At Palmer And Sons we make all of our leather pieces with only our own hands here in Vancouver, Canada.  My son Jack, and myself design, prototype and produce each piece one at a time from start to finish. We construct only a handful of these limited designs each week using traditional methods, heritage materials and vintage tools.  Our aim is to bring you objects that are timeless and peaceful in their principles.  Our English heritage hopefully shows through in our designs.  We hope you enjoy our limited issue leather designs, we feel they speak to a slower, calmer, and more enjoyable mode of life.



WestOats Oatmeal School Lesson #01 Steel Cut & Rolled Oats Breakfast Oatmeals 2.0 Hours $110

See More Pictures of the Oatmeals and our Unit

Join us in our fab loft in the heart of downtown Vancouver, BC and spend 2 hours learning to build amazing Oatmeal based breakfasts that you can make once a week and are ready to take to work with you for the whole week. 

Think Health! Think Gorgeous Flavours! Think Saving a Ton of Money OVER 2017!


I've ate oatmeal off and on for most of my life, it's a British staple. Mainly as a breakfast meal or a lazy comfort food.  What I don't like is all the cleanup, the time it takes each day, and the monotony of plain oatmeal.  So I decided to change things up.  I brought my 15 years as a chef, my love of all food, my passion for homemade, and my English sense of frugality together into WestOats.  Oatmeal for who we are today.

Oatmeal is ridiculously nutritious, very, very cheap, and a great base to produce many very different flavours.   We are going to go over the top. Introduce candied walnuts, Bartlett pears in white wine syrup, Darjeeling infused flame raisins... the whole nine yards, the full monty!  

We will be mainly using water and dairy milk for our recipes, but we will also cover none dairy milks too!


What do You Need?

Not much, just a 500ml mason jar . Just remember it's food, so super clean hands, tied back hair, or a baseball cap, and please don't show if you are at all ill.  Get ready to soak up a ton of info, though everything is covered in handouts too.

What Will I Get?

A lot of knowledge and confidence.  Take home an example WestOats oatmeal in your 500ml Mason Jar that you helped prepare.  Learn basic caramelization,  tea infusion, fast fruit jams,  and of course preparing,  cooking and storing oatmeal.  We will also go into the nutritional details, differences in types of oatmeal, and some history.  The lesson will be a mix of hands on and demonstration.  The students will be working on induction counter top stoves.   

Who Will Teach Me?

I teach all the classes myself.  I have over 15 years in the restaurant industry across the UK.  I really do love food, always cook from fresh, always prepare from scratch, always think about a balanced diet.  I have taught almost 1000 people in Vancouver, Canada and the US how to successfully bake amazing artisan sourdough .  I also lecture at a local programming school (Visual Analytics, and Rapid Prototyping) and so I really enjoy teaching people and building engaging lessons.  



Lesson Structure

Hour 1

History of Oatmeal, what it is, different types, nutritional value.  Preparing oatmeal the most efficient way. 

Hour 2 

Preparing the bases and toppings.  Working with fast fruit jams, combining flavours and textures.  Thinking of presentation.


Voucher Lessons Schedule (when booking please include you Social Shopper/ Groupon Voucher(XXXX_XXXX) number if any, email of guests, and one phone number).  We will confirm by email within 72 hours in normal circumstances.


Groupon Dates

NOTE.. If dates end up with less than 4 students 48 hrs before class then we reserve the right to cancel that class. 

We Don't take inquiries or bookings over the phone only email


WestOats Oatmeal Lesson #1  2  hours Jan 27th 2017 2:30pm-4:30pm Book


Fine Print

  • No-Show.  If you do not show for a class then there will be no refund

  • Cancellation of parties of 3 or more must cancel at least 4 days prior to lesson

  • Cancellation Within 48 hours of lesson: Can rebook with a $20 surcharge

  • Cancellation Prior to 48 Hours before lesson: Can rebook with no charge 

  • Pre-booking required by email at and subject to availability
  • Classes start Feb, 2016
  • Class dates will be posted online at
  • More class dates will be added upon demand
  • Minimum 4 people per class and maximum 14 people per class
  • Supplies and equipment are provided (other than a medium size glass jar)
  • Sorry but no kids :(
  • Tax is not included