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Unit 502, 857 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC

At Palmer And Sons we make all of our leather pieces with only our own hands here in Vancouver, Canada.  My son Jack, and myself design, prototype and produce each piece one at a time from start to finish. We construct only a handful of these limited designs each week using traditional methods, heritage materials and vintage tools.  Our aim is to bring you objects that are timeless and peaceful in their principles.  Our English heritage hopefully shows through in our designs.  We hope you enjoy our limited issue leather designs, we feel they speak to a slower, calmer, and more enjoyable mode of life.


Company Ethos

What is Palmer And Sons about?  Around 10 years ago whilst working in various digital, office based industries, making computer games, apps, and managing large teams with gigantic budgets I decided that I wanted to do something quite different.  Something analog and tangible, so I took a passion of mine and built it into a small artisan business.  I included my son Jack too.

Palmer And Sons needed to be different, 10 years ago that is, so an ethos was decided upon.  Sort of an operating standards code.  There are several aspects to that code.

    To eschew paid for marketing, promotion, or PR.  No freebies for good reviews, and no PR companies talking about things they don't understand.  
    Design, Prototype, and Construct with our own hands.   We don't design things here in Vancouver to be produced by low paid labour somewhere else in the world.  
    Invest in real people.  We buy our leather from companies that invest in real people, tanneries  and tool makers that take apprenticeships and training seriously.
    Invest locally.   We source as close as we can, this is tough, and getting tougher but we make an effort.   For instance whilst the rest of the world is getting it's stainless steel shackles from China, ours come from Pittsburg. 

Honest pricing. So no sales, promos, or events.  Our prices rise and fall due to our costs changing, but we sell the same item to the same folk at the same price. 

Use simple tools not complex machines.  So no laser cutters, 3d printers in our studio. Instead we use knives, punches, saws, planes and scrapers.

Always look at the details. Lot's of small things are important to us.  Like in our toolbox above, we only made it for ourselves but we still ended up with each brass screw repolished and screwed in to the same angle