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Bread Videos

We are starting to piece together some short videos tips, as both tasters of what you learn in our lessons and reminders for those who have already taken a lesson or two.

Here we have our standard 100% hydration Wholewheat Levain (sourdough starter) . This is around 1 hour after it was fed, and the vid is shot for the next 3 or so hours. Room temp would be around 26C.  Water temp at feeding would have been 26C.  It shows great activity and is typical of our Levains.

Here is a more recent levain growth video. Taken over around 2 hours. And starting around 45 mins after initial feeding. Hydration is 100%. The levain on the left is stoneground wholewheat, on the APW flour. Water is Vancouver tap water. Everything is at ambient temp of approx 26C.  Neither flour is organic.  Notice how fast the wholewheat grows, the APW eventually caught up after another 3 hours.  The wholewheat wholewheat ended up smelling of acetic acid, the APW lactic.  

Here is a quick reminder video of the shaping process. There are many different ways to shape this high hydration sourdough bread, this is one of them.