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Unit 502, 857 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC

At Palmer And Sons we make all of our leather pieces with only our own hands here in Vancouver, Canada.  My son Jack, and myself design, prototype and produce each piece one at a time from start to finish. We construct only a handful of these limited designs each week using traditional methods, heritage materials and vintage tools.  Our aim is to bring you objects that are timeless and peaceful in their principles.  Our English heritage hopefully shows through in our designs.  We hope you enjoy our limited issue leather designs, we feel they speak to a slower, calmer, and more enjoyable mode of life.

Bread Images

Here we have picked some of best bakes (yes of course just like everyone else we have some bad bakes that we'd rather not photo!!) .   Think of these as targets to aim for. Unlike other images of bread around the web and in books, you know you can accomplish these traits because you have the same methods, recipes, and equipment as we have.  Take a look at our bread videos here.  You will see we like to punish our bread by taking it to the very edge of blackness, that bitter sweet crust is what we seek. 


Below are some of the breads that students baked after taking the class...Wow! so good. Some of them are the very first bake.