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Unit 502, 857 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC

At Palmer And Sons we make all of our leather pieces with only our own hands here in Vancouver, Canada.  My son Jack, and myself design, prototype and produce each piece one at a time from start to finish. We construct only a handful of these limited designs each week using traditional methods, heritage materials and vintage tools.  Our aim is to bring you objects that are timeless and peaceful in their principles.  Our English heritage hopefully shows through in our designs.  We hope you enjoy our limited issue leather designs, we feel they speak to a slower, calmer, and more enjoyable mode of life.

Bread Baguettes

Sourdough School LESSON #03 Baguettes 3 Hours $110

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You've taken lesson #1 Basic Sourdoughs, now why now push on and make your own baguettes.  Real, traditional baguettes.  These are not the weightless, tasteless, white sticks you've bought in the past.  Traditional, half levain half poolish baguettes, baked to within an inch of their lives.


It's a prerequisite that you have already taken LESSON #01, as this lesson is fast paced and heavy on details.

You will leave with all the skills, techniques, and knowledge needed to make your own amazing traditional baguettes.  Our basis is the work done in LESSON #01 BASIC SOURDOUGHS , but the methods and techniques are very different to build a successful baguette. 

After this class you will be baking unbelievable bread, at home for <$1 a loaf, with a minimal amount of mess, and minimal equipment.

Nik will be teaching of course, and the bread classes normally will be taking place at the loft location. 


Sorry . .. We Don't take inquiries or bookings over the phone, please email if you need more info otherwise use the auto booking system below.




NOTE.. If dates end up with less than 4 students 48 hrs before class then we reserve the right to cancel that class. 


Fine Print

  • No-Show.  If you do not show for a class then there will be no refund

  • All vouchers are redeemed upon booking

  • Cancellation of parties of 3 or more must cancel at least 4 days prior to lesson

  • Cancellation Within 48 hours of lesson: Can rebook with a $20 surcharge

  • Cancellation Prior to 48 Hours before lesson: Can rebook with no charge 

  • Minimum 4 people per class and maximum 14 people per class

  • Supplies and equipment are provided (other than a medium size glass jar or container)

  • Tax is not included (tax will be calculated on discounted price)